FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is invitespring?

Invitespring is the simplest way to manage your guest list for your next big event! Build the world’s simplest RSVP website in a few clicks, and manage your guest lists. See the full demo here.

Invitespring is perfect for weddings, 50th and other “big” birthdays, baby showers, engagement parties… any event that has an invitation needs invitespring!

Why is managing my guest lists important?

Invitespring takes the stress out of managing your guest list. Every guest you add to your event can cost around in catering and other costs - most importantly, if you overestimate attending guests, people you really want to see at your big day may drop off the list! Get an accurate headcount early with invitespring.

Who can see my invite?

You get to choose a unique URL. Your guests can access your page with the URL or QR code - make sure to include one or both on your invite! No password is required, to make RSVPing stress-free.

What’s a QR code?

It’s a square barcode guests can scan with their smartphones to be directed instantly to your unique invitespring page. Not sure how to incorporate it into your invitations? Check out our pinterest for inspiration!

Find out more about QR codes here.

What’s Save the Date Mode?

Save the Date mode is a great way to give your guests notice of your event's date! In Save the Date mode you're able to collect postal addresses, so that you can be super organized when the time comes to sending out your proper invitations. No more misplacing addresses, or embarrasingly asking twice!

Save the Date mode does not collect any attendance information, or send out confirmation emails at this stage. The landing page will only display the date and location of the event, and the postal address collection form.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes! invitespring uses SSL, the internet standard to secure tranmissions, it's the same technology internet banking websites use. We don't record your credit card number anywhere either. You can rest easy.

Credit card transactions are handled by our Payment Gateway, SwipeHQ right here in Auckland, New Zealand.

How much does invitespring cost?

It’s free to get started! Once you decide to activate your event, invitespring costs $10(US) per event. This includes an unlimited number of guests, support, and lots of cool guest management tools.

Help! I need to edit my event!

Log in to your dashboard and get started! You can edit your event right up until the big day.

What timezone is used when sending out the email iCal attachment?

When guests RSVP to your event, they will recieve an iCal attachment with their confirmation email. This attachment allows your guests to easily add your event to their personal calendars.

The timezone used in the iCal file is the timezone of the locale of your event. So this means that if you have an event in New York at 7pm, the time on the iCal file will be EST (Eastern Standard Time).

If your guests calendar's default timezone is set to PST (Pacific Standard Time) because they are based out of California, their calendar will save the event with the timezone preserved. This means their calendar software will convert the time to the default local time, so in this example your Californian guest would see the event in their calendars at 4pm (PST)

Great! How do I sign up?

Get started here. You’re only a minute away from creating your big event!!